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Hard to find good help??? Not anymore!!!

As a proud member of the BNI Accelerators we have a few contacts you should use!

Bo Kauffman, Realtor -

Thomas Johnson, Personal Financial Advisor -

Doug McGuffin, Automotive Body Shop -

D'Arcy Johnson, D'Arcy 's A.R.C. -

Darcy Cook, Insurance Broker -

Gord LeDrew, Printer -

Jordan Schimnowski, Massage Therapist -

Darcy Berrington, HVAC Specialist -

Hernan Popper, Telecommunications Consultant -

Tyrone Walford, Contractor -

Margaret Hemphrill, Publisher -

Rob White, Painter -

Ryan Ringler, Residential Builder -

Dominc Blais, Digital Marketing & SEO -

Ashley Phommarath, Athletic Therapist -

Kyle Molotkin, IT Services -

Don Maclean, Electrician -

Travis Couture, Finance & Leasing Consultant -

Garret Wong, Residential Property Management -

Brian Ross, Pools, Sheds, & Homes -

Chris Dropko, Certified Arborist -

Ted Vailis, Client Retention Systems -

Sandi Huynen, Residential Mortgages -

Ken Penner, Promotional Products -

Adam Albo, Flooring & Decor -

Tyler McGhie, Hair & Beauty Salon -

David Allen, Roofing -

CJ Harrison, Accounting (CPA) - 204-782-6455

Priscilla Calderon, Concrete Polishing -

Erwin Bueckert, Business Coaching -

Martin Turczynowicz, Fire Alarms & Safety -

And the rest of the BNI Accelators, who can be found at the link below!

As a member of the largest chapter of BNI in Manitoba, I am more than happy to pass along my contacts in case you need more than just what we offer. Please mention Tim Volk, from Gutters Lawns and Windows told you to contact them, and rest assured you will be treated with the upmost respect, and satisfaction from any of my fellow members. Thanks for taking the time to see how my colleagues are your colleagues by looking into the POWER TEAM!!!